Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gracie 21.05.11

Gracie trim 21.05.11.

Gracie's last hoof pics.

Near fore (trimmed 19.05.11, so no before shots)

A tiny bit thrushy. Heels look too tall, I think I could have them a mill shorter. I took down her bars this day a little as I didn't have my knife on me when I trimmed her fronts the other day. Nice big frog except for the trush. I want to see more sole depth.

Sorry about the angle here. This shows where I could take a tiny bit more heel. Note her fence-injury scar on her right heel bulb. This won't ever go away I think.

Quarter scoop shown here. Little bit of concavity.

Quarter scoop obvious here. Again I need a little off the heels. Flare growing out nicely.

Front view! This horse has awesome stripes. This angle shows the bevel nicely.

Near hind

Sorry about the weird after shot. I had a helper to take photos this time.

Quite a bit of wall to come off.

Again quarters scooped.

Bit thrushy, scrappy pieces of frog removed.

Gracie had super thick walls too - I got a progress shot to show you:

I like this one as it clearly shows the difference between outer (black) and inner (white) wall. Uneven wall thickness as you go from the heels/quarters to the toe. I evened all this out.
I would love any feedback in comments here by the way. :)

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