Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bertha 18.06.11

Bertha is a 16.3hh 20-something year old OTTB, who has had a ridiculous amount of babies. She is a typical fiery red chestnut mare, but she has grown on me. I have been trimming her for about 6 -8 months now. She has great feet, except that they grow very slowly, which can be a blessing (less trimming needed) and a curse (issues take longer to resolve). Her owners are great with thrush treatment and she is easy to trim. She is in light work (uni students, they ride her more when they are on hols).

She is a sweetie at heart, just don't tell her that!

She kept resting her head on my back. So cute. This horse loves farrier visits!

Left front. This is 8 weeks growth for this mare. Slow compared to other horses in the area.
Right front
Right front. Frog looking a bit cracked. She was treated for thrush a few days before this trim.

Right front. Slight flare in bottom third of hoof. She was about 2 weeks overdue for a trim, normally trimmed at 6 weeks.

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