Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So excited!

The other day I booked in to do the advanced hoof clinic in August with the Barefoot Blacksmith! It's the same people who I did the beginner course with that I loved so much. I am really excited. :)

Once again I am excited beyond belief about hooves. I honestly want to be the one people call when they have a horse close to death and I want to bring it back to 100% soundness. I want to trim successful barefoot performance horses. I hope to do the Diploma Equine Podiotherapy maybe next year? It's not cheap, but oh my goodness it is my dream.

So I need to get around and get pictures of all my new client's feet! Other than my own horses, I am now the regular trimmer for:

Baylee, Banjo, Bertha, Dancer, Diablo and Flash. Banjo's owner just bought a new horse so I will be doing him too. That will make it 7 horses! I'm pretty happy about the lot of them. I need to do little case studies on each of them, and post them here. It is just that editing the pics in paint in a pain in the neck!

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