Thursday, March 3, 2011

So tomorrow is my first trimming workshop. I'm a little nervous about the cadaver trim, and I'm dissapointed in myself that I didn't get off my butt and book earlier so I could bring a horse, but it should be a fascinating day for me. I have had no formal training, and so I am viewing this as the first step. It's their beginner course, aimed at the owner who wants to learn more about feet, but you need to do this course to attend their advanced course. I'm interested to know what basic stuff I might have skimmed over in the quest to feed my brain, and to see things from the ground up.

After this course, I'm hoping to attend their advanced course in Canberra in April, hopefully with horse in tow. Then... Not sure? I would love to go do anatomy (eek! More dead horse!) and massage, biomechanics etc. I think concentrating on the hoof alone is not the answer. I've seen a trimmer go up to a horse, poke it in the bum and get a violent pain or soreness reaction, pick up the hoof, rasp a few sweeps, then poke again, with no reaction. I want to be that intuitive. I want to be that trimmer, to see the whole horse, treat the whole horse, not just the foot. Wholeistic or whatever it is called. Yeah.

I'm taking my camera tomorrow, I hope they let me take pictures to post here!

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