Friday, September 7, 2012

George - Abscess Hole Gone Wild

A quick intro - George is a 14 year old OTTB who was neglected quite badly the last few years. His new owner has only had him for a few days but is already getting on top of his many issues - including feet.

The feet are all suffering from the typical neglect symptoms - lots of flare, thrush, cracking walls. Nothing spesh, just bevel the walls, set the heels and away he goes.

Except for the right hind, where he obviously blew a big abscess a few months ago. The abscess hole got a thrush infection which spread to the entire sole on the outside half of the foot.

The heel was loose and had to go. Same with the sole - luckily underneath is fairly decent (albeit thrushy) sole that will come good in a matter of days.

I'm posting from my iPhone so the photos will just have to tack onto the end of this post in no particular order but I thought it was a very interesting case and thought you might like the chance to see. :)


  1. Yucky. Thanks for sharing, though.

  2. That abscess heel is scary, especially b/c Laz had a similar one blow out the back like this. Hopefully it won't be as destructive.

    1. I wanted to see if there was a follow up on this case. Laz's crack is SO similar to George's at the heel scares me that his heel will fall off and leave him very lame. My trimmer at this point is not overly concerned and said we'll offer support at next casting in a couple of weeks, currently though his cast at that point has cracked off (after 4 weeks). Curious to as how George is progressing. Thanks :)

  3. Ah, I will take some pics next trim - I'm doing him again on the 20th.

    As for soundness etc. he is doing very well. He is being ridden and hasn't had any issues as far as I have heard.