Thursday, August 23, 2012

Asha - hoof injury rehab.

Asha is a 4 year old OTTB - her dam is Bertha - Asha is also owned by Bertha's owners, who are both vet students. She is not in work under saddle as yet, but is in work on the ground, in the round yard and on the lunge.

Asha's feet are actually pretty good - she is very sound so far (for a barefoot OTTB!) and to be honest the biggest challenge with trimming her is behavoural.

She is a bit of a handful. :P
Asha had an injury to her left hind on the 29th November 2011. She caught her foot on some corrugated iron near a wash bay I think (correct me if I am wrong Jess!).The injury breached the coronary band.

29.11.11. Ouch.
After 2 days - clearer view.

Treatment (other than wound managment) was debated - boots? Even a shoe? This horse didn't really take a lame step after the initial few weeks - in fact she often just didn't step on this hoof at all. She would canter, gallop, spin and buck on three legs. Oh Asha. How special of you.

Her owners decided to leave her barefoot and assess the support situation if and when she needed it. In the end, she just didn't require any extra support.

This trim is from 19.08.12. She was at six weeks due to the owners/my availabilities. Normally trimmed no later than 5 weeks.

Apologies for the bad angles, I had Andrew (my non-horsey husband) photographing for me.
As always, before on the left, click to enlarge yada yada.

Right front:

Feet are super dry and hard like stone.
Left hind (injured hoof):

All grown out!!

This hoof has held most of it's symmetry even though there has been no contact with the ground on the outside quarter for 9 months. Now, we have weight bearing wall again with this trim!

I probably won't update much with Asha as she has great feet and her owners keep her on a regular trim cycle. I have been meaning to write about her for a long time (her injury is just so interesting!) and now I have finally gotten around to it!!

Comments and thoughts always welcome as per usual. :)


  1. Oh my. The hoof injury is horrendous looking. I can hardly believe that it grew out so perfectly and that she did not sustain secondary injuries from running around on three legs. She must be one seriously tough cookie and you two, for trimming her. Be careful!

    1. Val, it really is astounding isn't it? Extremely lucky. The owners were wry strict with wound management which really saved this mare I think.

      I am super patient with this mare and always give her hoof back if she asks politely. We trim her just outside her paddock away from the hustle and bustle of the main barn and arena and I block out an hour to do her I case she is in a mood so I can take my time. She is often the best behaved to trim because of these precautions.

  2. Naw, just saw this :) Lisa you take such good care of my/our 'special' girls (they are both very demanding on you!) I think the way she has improved about picking up her feet for you is a testament to your patience. We are very lucky to have you!

    Also, she did have some muscular issues associated with the running/bucking/rearing on 3 legs but our osteopath sorted it all out again (he is also amazingly patient with her).