Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Archie 6.08.11

Archie's previous trim.

Third Archie trim - he was one week overdue because I had a bad injury to my finger two days before he was due where the pad of my left ring finger was ripped off by a broken broom handle. Stupid injury. It has only prevented me from doing the things I love (i.e. trim and ride) but I still have to go to work and pack the dish washer.

So, Archie (and Remy and Bertha) were late. Harumph.

Archie was suffering from thrush again poor thing. Apparently he has not been sore this time though. He went out on a trail ride sans boots and was fine. I would still recommend booting up for every ride though at this stage.

Near fore

This was the last hoof I trimmed - I was pooped, and I know you are not supposed to sit on a crate to trim and that it is very dangerous, but I just wasn't strong enough. He was a total raging beast about being trimmed too.


See what happens when you don't trim for three weeks? You loose it.


 Moving on... as always, pre trim on left, post on right, click to enlarge.
Thrushy crumbly yucky sole. HEAPS of flappy frog on all four, harbouring thrush. Central sulcus widening. Black hole from old abcess getting smaller. Should be gone next trim.
Big bevel, quarter scoop, bring breakover at toe back, heels lowered but not by much due to weak frogs.
Sorry about the angle difference. Heels no lower than the frog (i.e. frogs in passive contact with ground when hoof weigh bearing). Central sulcus still deep, but opening.
Heel comparison to set up trim. They look weaker sadly.

Near hind
Weird massive bars popped up, but flicked out very easily. The question is, did they pop put just due to thrush or did the foot really not need them anymore? They will grow back if they were needed. Removed crappy thrushy flaky sole and frog, then bevel all around.
Didn't take the heels down too much. Needs more sole depth.
Mainly heel and wall height removed from this angle.

Comparison to set up trim - a very different foot! The outside (left in the pic) bar is larger in both pics. Maybe to give support due to his many issue from his injury?
It is midnight now, I shall update with the other two feet's pictures soon. :)


  1. Looking good Leese! Keep up the good work! :D

  2. Fantastic site! Keep up good work! Maria from the UK