Friday, October 19, 2012

Update on George (abscess hole)

George's old abscess hole is going well - you can see that the heels are totally asymmetrical however the sole looks awesome, the bar is starting to form again, It's growing out well.

Today (20.10.12) on the left (before trim obviously), first trim (around 7th September after trim) on the right. He has had one trim in between these photos.

Looks much better, huh? The wonders of riding in a sand arena!


  1. I think I can see a difference in the back of his foot above the hairline, too. It is remarkable how much better his sole looks. Where is his left bar hiding?

  2. Yea George! :) Is he landing heel first or toe first? I ask because he has those 'pointy' heel bulbs that lack from a springy fatty digital cushion...I know those too well ;) We are forever trying to build that up. I'm sure that will develop in no time. It's amazing how fast their feet can recover.

    1. He is landing flat behind. He has awkward confirmation in his hind legs.