Diagrams and Terminology

I don't want to steal others diagrams so I shall just link for now until I draw my own.

Best hoof diagrams on the internet that I have found!

Seriously, go have a quick look - especially at the end where they explain peripheral loading. Good stuff!

Please comment here with any terms you don't understand and I will be happy to explain them to you.


  1. horses hoofs are a mystery to me, my horse is always lame, with over reaching injuries, even tho he has over reach boots on at all times or abscesses, he must have 5 a year, and i've looked every where for an example for whats wrong with my horse Alfresco now, as hes lame at the moment, do you have any ideas? he has a raised / 1cm proud coronet band, no visible trauma, and it is soft and a bit hot and swollen, rest of leg is normal, any ideas?? i can post a photo tomorrow if that would help?

  2. Donna,

    I'm sorry to hear you have been having lameness issues with your horse. :(

    5 abcesses a year is a sign that there is something going on in those feet. Could you please email me photos and a thorough description to lcastle@gmail.com?

    Where are you located?